Going to work by helicopter

Hi, my name is Raphael and I am your Personal Trainer! Before being a trainer I was working in a completely different business. As an Offshore Technician in huge windparks I participated in supplying Northern Europe with renewable energy. My dream job in the middle of diffcult wind and weather conditions, full of adventures and challenges. That kind of a job where you need a very good physical constitution – and one of those reasons why fitness has always been part of my life.

I loved to work as a technician, but then I had to cope with a task that persuaded me to work in a different business. I would like to share with you my experiences and my knowledge of health and fitness.

My Challenge: Rheumathism

In 2013 I got a diagnose that made many things clear to me: rheumathism. Up to this point I’d had backache for more than ten years and no doctor had found a reason for it. In the end I couldn’t sleep more than 3 or 4 hours before the pain woke me up again. I felt completely exhausted.

During the following years I used pharmaceuticals to keep my illness in check until I had to undergo surgery in 2018. Afterwards I was not allowed to take my medicine until the wound had closed. Additionally I wasn‘t able to move a lot. With enormous consequences. My bodyweight increased heavily, which was very visible. But even worse, when I restated my medical treatment it didn‘t help anymore. I was devastated, even though I am an optimistic and happy person in general.

Sports, healthy food and quality of life

I decided to take over responsibility for my body and used my time to figure out what could be done to regain my health. My doctor gave me the go-ahead for sports again. So I went straigth to the gym and my bike became my daily companion. Step by step I changed habits and improved my training schedule and nutrition.

Within 18 months I lost about 30% body fat. I have never been as fit as today. I still enjoy food. I have discovered cooking for myself and never stopped cheating sometimes. I am not an ascetic and “small sins” are part of my everyday life.

You can do the same!

But the best thing is: I now have my chronic illness and the associated pain under control almost without medication. Today, blood tests no longer show any inflammation values. My rheumatic disease has come to a standstill and my mobility is better than ever.

As a personal trainer today I would like to pass on my knowledge and share with others what it means to be able to help yourself:

Pure joy of life!