Personal training offers numerous advantages. It matches your physical and health status, keeps a close eye on your progress and is always adapted to your training level. It allows a flexible training schedule and is not tied to a certain place.

Before we start your personal training we meet for an initial interview with detailed anamnesis. Together we will define your goals and find out what motivates you. Should you have any health impairments, these will be recorded and taken into account.

With motor activity and flexibility tests and with the support of a Body Composition Monitor, we document your achievement level in sports and your body’s energy requirements. Only then I will create a customised workout for you, that will lead you to success!

For the best monitoring of your progress, I am continuously, but at least regularly present at your training sessions. Benefit from having your very own personal motivation coach at your side, who always checks the correct execution of the exercises and encourages you to bring your best performance!

There are many sensible reasons
for a Personal Trainer!

Fit through everyday life

An active lifestyle has a positive effect on our lives. Regular exercise makes it easier for us to cope with our everyday life. And: it lowers our overall risk of illness.

Studies show that over 40% of the Germans take less exercise than the recommended five hours a week. This has negative consequences for our health. High blood pressure, diabetes mellitus type 2 or joint pain are often associated with an inactive lifestyle.

Everybody who exercises regularly can significantly improve her/his state of health. Endurance sports keeps your cardiovascular system young. Weight training not only tightens the muscles, but also prevents osteoporosis and back problems. It does not matter whether you start at the age of 20 or 60.

As a personal trainer I support you in (re)starting an active, sporty life.

Maximise your performance

Sometimes you don’t get anywhere alone. You have been training for quite a while now, but after the first notable progress you got stuck? You have a sport test or an occupational health check ahead of you and need to achieve certain targets? You simply need new impulses for your workout? Then you are right with me!

In order to avoid plateau effects in training, the body constantly needs changing stimulation. Many athletes train too evenly and with the same load for too long. Together we develop a mix of exercises that will let you see progress and avoids overtraining.

To round off the picture, we will also subject your nutrition plan to a detailed analysis together and optimise it.

Regain health

The shoulders hurt, the knees are causing problems, the belly is growing steadily – many of us know this. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time and unilateral physical stress at work leave traces in our bodies. A wrong lifestyle can lead to health problems that can be reversed with targeted exercise. In order to bring your body back into balance, we analyse your habits together, find imbalances in the musculoskeletal system and you receive a customised workout.

As a Medical Trainer, I am also your contact person if you had to take a break from sports due to injuries and are now planning to return after treatment. In the case of chronic illnesses that can be positively influenced by exercise and proper nutrition, I will accompany you with the necessary mindfulness and, if necessary, in consultation with your doctor.

Weight control

Do you like looking in the mirror less and less? Has your family doctor pointed out to you that a few kilos less would be quite good for you? Does being overweight prevent you from doing the activities you used to enjoy?

Did you also, like many people, make numerous dietary attempts during your life. Perhaps you have already registered at the gym and started out full of energy. But then long working days, a turbulent family life, the inner bastard, the exciting series on Netflix came in between – what do you think of when you look at the fees you pay every month with a bad conscience?

Let me accompany you on your way to becoming an active person! I assure you to meet you in an appreciative and respectful way. You will learn that you don’t have to change your life completely in an instant. How good workout can feel. And that even with seemingly small steps you can achieve big changes.